Time Line for Custom Dress


I create a Private Pinterest board for you. I request for you to pin your favorite dresses and colors for a day or two. This helps me to better understand your taste. Then I will design. If you would like more input on design, we can build from there.


After we agree on a design, I send you a formal quote. The quote will have a 2 week expiration date. Once you accept the quote, a contract will be automated to you. A $100 deposit is due upon signing the contract. (To lock in your spot in my calendar)


Next we schedule you’re in person consultation. At the consultation I take your measurements and we finalize the design. A payment is due (I offer payment plans to fit your budget.) And we schedule your first fitting.

First Fitting

This is the pattern fitting, which is a muslin (toile) fabric. This is the fun part. We make sure you like the design, and may make alterations to the design. We also select fabric, and schedule your next fitting.

Second Fitting

During this fitting, you try on the real thing! This will be sort of the shell of the design, without a zipper, buttons or the hem. Depending on the intricacy of your design, there may be 1-2 more fittings. This fitting normally lasts about 60-90 minutes. We finalize detailing if you chose embellishments, and we schedule your final fitting.

Final Fitting

Last is your final fitting. Final payment is due. You try on the dress and take it with you!